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Hi. I’m Tristan, and I’m the guy behind The “fkb” part stands for free Kindle books, because that’s the main focus of the site. This site is updated by noon (EST) on most days, though never on Sundays. (I also travel a lot and am usually unable to update the site during those times.)

Why are the books listed here free? Are these books pirated? Great questions. No, these books are not pirated. They are 100% legit and legal. They’re temporarily made free by the authors or publishers of the book. That’s a perk Amazon gives if people agree to publish exclusively with Amazon. The authors or publishers give their books away for free temporarily to get more exposure. They want lots of people to download the books, read them, enjoy them, review them, and hopefully buy more from the same author or publisher.

The only way authors will continue to give books away for free is if it’s worth it for them. If all we do as readers is download the books and never review them or buy more from the authors, there is no further incentive for authors to make their books free. To be a good citizen of the free ebook world, please do the following:

  1. Actually read the books that you download. Don’t be a hoarder.
  2. Leave honest reviews of the books you read.
  3. Tell others about the great books you read and authors you find.
  4. Buy other works by the authors you like.

Do that and it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

I update almost every day. I never update it on Sundays, and there may be another day or two throughout the week that I can’t update it for one reason or another. I travel a lot, and every once in a while I’m unable to update the site for a week or so at a time. Thanks for understanding.

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